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On this page, you will read more about the epic adventure games, what are the best online adventure games, and what are the different types of online adventure games. You will read about the popularity of epic adventure games and why they are the best online adventure games nowadays.

Best Online Adventure Games

Despite that many epic adventure games have fallen out of the spotlight, there is still a big number of amazing adventure games that are played a lot. To start playing them for free, we invite you to visit the thrilling site This French online casino boasts a huge library of the most interesting games. Here we provide you the best online adventure games:

1. Dirty Split

Dirty split is an epic adventure game that is a high quality made where Alan Baxter is a private investigator trying to solve the plastic surgeon’s murder. The visual graphics are stunning so you will enjoy while playing it.

2. Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die

If you want to play a game and laugh a lot than this game is the best for you. There is a hilarious dialogue and there are funny moments while you choose to play it. You can find this game and start your adventure!

3. Beneath a Steel Sky

This game was not available before, but now you can find it online as one of the best online adventure games. The game is very simple for playing and the graphics are very nice.

4. Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy

The amazing graphics of this game allow you to enjoy it. Its unique graphics are due to the cutout and hand-drawn style. This game is a classic style of Lucas Arts games and is very easy to play it.

5. A Tale of Two Kingdoms

The interesting feature about this multiplayer game is that there are five different endings of a Tale of two Kingdoms. It is recommended to save all your endings because you do not know how many times you will want to get back because of the mistakes that you will surely make while playing.

6. Flight of the Amazon Queen

Indian Jones is the main character in this classic game. There is a mission in this game that you need to accomplish with rescuing Faye Russell. There are puzzles that are a little confusing but very interesting adventure.

7. Emily Enough: Imprisoned

It is an RPG where you are a psychopathic girl that murdered her family. We are mentioning this game because it is a good game and very popular despite the “different” happening in the game. It is a dark comedy and recommended just for those who want to think like a psychopath.

8. Life of D. Duck

The graphics of this game are quite different from the others. Life of D. Duck is one of the best adventure games in an interesting way. When we say an interesting way that is because this game has graphics as drawing from a child. The dialogue is the shining element of the game.

9. Gonzo’s quest

This casino slot game is one of the best online adventure games played by many people. The most interesting about this game is the feature where symbols are falling from above instead of normal spinning reels. It is very popular in online casinos because there are many no deposit bonuses that you can use and play it for free. To try out this game for free register here and receive a bonus spin.

10. Mega Moolah

This adventure slot game has four jackpot prizes that are worthy of playing it. There are also important free spins that allow you to win many wild rewards. This game as one of the best adventure casino game, you can find on many different online casino websites to play for free and win real money, using their free casino bonuses. These bonuses are not only usable for slots games, but you can also bring them into play to any other casino game, even more, challenging ones like poker. You will find the best free poker sites at, which is an adventure you should not miss.

Types of Adventure Games

There are 5 different types of adventure games:

  • Text-based

These are games whose stories are based on a text passage with instructions that are already typed.

  • Graphic

Graphic games use graphics to convey the whole environment to the player. They vary in how the avatar is presented.

  • Point and click adventure games

These games are called point and click games because players control their characters of the game. In this type of game, you control your character to examine things, move the character around, offer conversations, etc.

  • Puzzle

Games that consist of many logical puzzles that need to be solved. Completing the puzzles provided you discover more in the game’s world and expand the game’s story.

The incredible thing is that all of these types of games are today available as mobile apps. But even more exciting fact is the slots games developed based on them. Spin Palace casino offers many lucrative bonuses, which you can use and try them out for free. Read more about it and see how to take advantage of the mobile bonuses and start today.

Characteristics of the Genre

Here we provide you the characteristics of the adventure games that you might want to know before you start playing your favorite adventure game:

  • Tell story
  • Exploration
  • Solving
  • Control of heroes/characters
  • Collection of objects


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