MtG: Grab Boxes

Thank You Tickets

Thank you tickets are raffle tickets that are drawn each month for store credit, 5 dollars for third, 10 dollars for second and 20 dollars for first. It’s just our little way of thanking you for being a great customer.

  • Every time someone spends an increment of 30 dollars (in one purchase) and requests one, we give them a Thank You Ticket.
  • Non-product purchases, such as gift certificates and tournament entries, are not eligible for thank you tickets.
  • Purchases made with store credit are not eligible for thank you tickets.
  • Tickets not drawn stay in the drawing until the box is emptied.
  • Tickets are drawn the first of every month.
  • Winning ticket holders are NOT notified, ticket holders must come in to see if they have won.
  • Winning tickets may be claimed on any day of the month that they are posted.
  • Drawn tickets are valid until the last day of the month at closing.
  • Drawn tickets left unclaimed are removed.
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